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Pollinator Habitat: Appreciation and preservation

A Threatened World

Pollinator habitat is all the buzz these days, but what does it mean? Pollinator habitats, the living communities and ecosystems that make them up, are essential to the health and sustainability of our planet. With the decline of these systems and their inhabitants, we face a crisis, the impact of which we may not fully comprehend until it is too late. At Refuge Design and Landscape, we take the mission to preserve and regenerate these living wonders seriously and want to help our clients understand how to do so more effectively.

Protection Begins With Appreciation

From the great monarch migration to the sweet golden magic of your local honey bee hive to the apple or orange on your breakfast plate, the results of this incredible and unseen activity are right under our noses. Without pollinators, our fruit and vegetable crops would languish, our orchard production would decline and many agricultural luxuries would cease to exist. Beyond the sustenance for our bellies, there is unbound beauty and poetry in the tiny buzzing world. It is possible these tiny miracles nourish our spirits without us even being aware, teaching us the subtle language of nature. Thus transporting us out of our often harried and frenzied lives and suspend us in the splendorous sunlight of a summer afternoon. As the poet Mary Oliver Wrote;

“The butterfly's loping flight

carries it through the country of the leaves

delicately, and well enough to get it

where it wants to go, wherever that is, stopping

here and there to fuzzle the damp throats

of flowers and the black mud; up

and down it swings, frenzied and aimless; and sometimes

for long delicious moments it is perfectly

lazy, riding motionless in the breeze of the soft stalk

of some ordinary flower.”

---Mary Oliver

Everyday Magic

Next time you bite into a ripe, juicy orange, or sit in your backyard sipping your morning coffee, think of the connections these moments have to our tiny compatriots. Think of the childlike wonder you may have once felt watching a monarch caterpilalr chrysalis transform or the first time you chewed into a piece of golden honeycomb. These little moments can be the pollinators of big change.

Refuge Design and Landscape can help guide you through creating your ideal piece of the pollinator world. To learn more, please drop us a line.


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